The reason for the publication of the sad death of one of the most popular of our filmmakers. Now Stanislav Govorukhin only have to remember to read and listen to the stories of those who had the opportunity to work with him on set. However, “MK” there is still the possibility to give the floor to the Master. At the time the author of these lines had a chance to interview Stanislav Sergeyevich. The keynote then was the story of the creation of the famous series “the meeting Place cannot be changed”, however, the conversation was also about other topics. Now, thanks to the preserved old records to learn a few secrets Stanislav Govorukhin and his wonderful movies.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

The Director himself had formulated in the beginning of our conversation his main point: “the Interview shall be exempt from all of the rumors and legends.”

The name of the series “meeting Place.. .”:

— I’m not a script read, and the book by Arkady and Georgy Vainer. As he read it, immediately realized that it is necessary to immediately make a film… It was in late 1976…

Wanted the movie was called “Black cat”. But it might seem too mystical. Even the name of the novel brothers Weiner “Era of mercy” — I liked it as the title of our series is still more than “the meeting Place cannot be changed”… And this, the final version appeared thanks to Cyril Samoshkina — literary editor of the magazine “Change”, which were first published novel Weiner.

About Sharapova:

— When choosing an actor to play Sharapova, Viners do not really support the candidacy Konkin, and I do not really… on the third or fourth day of shooting offered Vysotsky: “let’s take Kohl Gubenko!”. But Vladimir objected: “Not worth it. We smear one color”. Only much later, when the shooting ended, it became absolutely clear: it was necessary to remove the Leonid Filatov! But when the series started, it was not among those actors who were invited to audition, I even did not talk with him then on this topic. Filatov never found out about my belated “discovery” — he did not mention it.

In the film “the meeting Place…”

About Vysotsky-Director:

— Volodya at the time was about to try his hand at directing. I saw that he is quite capable, and he suggested: “If you want — please take a few episodes”. Vysotsky in response to: “But you’re still going to intervene to correct!”. And then I had to promise: “Volodya, I do not go to the film studios!”. He kept his word: all three days that the bard was working, I never went on the set appeared. Then just bought a new car here and drove it around the pavilion. Well, sometimes smoked with your guys at the entrance… And on the last day the General went out of town. Volodya made a few battle scenes for different episodes. For example, the scenes line-up on Fox’s release Gruzdeva…

About mysterious girlfriend zheglova (in frames dedicated to the celebration at the Palace of culture of workers of militia, there is an episode where Hleb down the stairs arm in arm with a pretty lady, some showing off, she says: “See, Luba, any eagles bring?!”):

The idea to implement harsh sarovskogo captain’s friend appeared during the filming. Well, not a eunuch, he is a normal, young man! Here and included in the film is an episode — a hint that at least one woman in the life of Gleb was… And the role of the girlfriend of Gleb zheglova played the assistant Director of our production team.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
Widow Galina.

The success and awards:

— That the picture will turn out, I knew during filming. And yet such a huge success was a surprise… it So happened that when the series appeared on television, I couldn’t watch the first four series: first, flew from Odessa to Moscow, then traveled by train to Kazan… got there just in time for the fifth series. Here, I think, now at least it will look with your friends! However, due to fatigue from all those flights-traveling accidentally fell asleep. Wake up from any loud gunshots outside the Windows of the apartment. Stood up, looked around the living room all my friends and guests on television of the final episode of “the meeting point” look, do not stir from the strain. Ask them “Why shoot?” “Fireworks” — say… and again buried his face in the TV screen. I went to the window — and it was right on the main town square and see the big picture: the sky studded with colored lights, but on the square itself is not a single person, only the policeman on duty runs… Turns out, that day in Kazan was born millionth inhabitant and on this occasion the local government-organized festivities with fireworks. But the fifth series “the meeting Place”, broadcast on TV, tore all these festive events in the capital of Tatarstan! I then thought: here is the highest, the true merit of our film — all the people sitting at home screens!

After a while I took the series to Yerevan film festival. Count: “Well, first premium, we will not give, because the competition involved an ideological picture of the “Karl Marx — the early years”, but certainly second or third, maybe you’ll get it.” Alas! There was a huge variety of prizes, premiums, diplomas, and the only film that has not received any awards, was “the meeting Place cannot be changed”! Here, this attitude demonstrated our highbrow criticism. Although everyone saw that it’s really a popularly favorite movie… Then I realized that the festival of cinema and cinema as art cinema is not the same thing.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The continuation of the popular series:

— When it became clear that the film turns out, we are in his circle were discussing: what if the make a sequel? But no more… Between the alleged filming of the new series “the meeting Place” I hear for many years. Allegedly survived film with some not included in the picture fragments, where it plays Vysotsky, and these fragments can be used in the new series… complete Nonsense! No-ka-fir fragments is not preserved — all material filmed with the participation of Volodya, was included in the movie! So I can write any continuation of the series is not expected, and directed Govorukhin in this case will not fit, because it is impossible to step twice into the same river!

About your best movie:

— I think its a better picture “Bless the woman”. I really like the “Voroshilov sharpshooter”. I am absolutely satisfied with the artistic result of the painting “Ten little Indians”, I really like “Robinson Crusoe” and “the adventures of Tom Sawyer”. “Meeting place” for its artistic merits, I put in a row with these pictures, not above. But there is a higher judge — the viewer, that he knows better. He needs to trust, and I told him all his life trusted… If the audience feel that “meeting Place” is a masterpiece — and so says the vast majority of people who lived in the Soviet Union — so series about Zheglov with Sharapov is a masterpiece, so I underestimate him… I Shot film, the Director, does not belong. And when I try to publicly criticize his film, the audience indignantly clamoring: “Stop! Are not you ashamed?!”.

Maybe it will take another 25 years and will remain popular, will survive my “baby” pictures, “Tom Sawyer”, “Robinson”, “Captain Grant”. Because today children’s films of this magnitude, so complex in the statement, so costly, no one in the country simply does not remove. And without them is also impossible…”

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
President Vladimir Putin: “In my heart he will remain forever.”

P. S. In the films of Stanislav Govorukhin starred a lot of wonderful, very popular and loved by the people artists. And yet it so happened that his main actor, a colleague, an actor-friend always remained Vladimir Vysotsky. Whimsical fortune has copied even the death of these two great masters. Vysotsky died in the midst of the festive celebration of the Moscow summer Olympics. As Govorukhin did not just start another sports superprestige held in the country — of the world Cup.

And then, in 1980, and now, in 2018, these sports forums were for many of us, marked by a black mourning ribbon: farewell, beloved Master!

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