One of the stars of the famous project of love got into a fight directly during the recording of the broadcast.

The most popular star of the TV project “Dom-2”
Aleksandra Kharitonova and Natalia Varvina had a very brutal fight during a
filming the new issue, according to “Russian conversation”.

This fight really scared leading Olga Buzova,
a video, available in the public domain, is seen as both
blonde does not skimp on insults and tremors.

Judging by the video posted online, Alexander and Natalia
sat in the Studio. At some point, both girls grappled with tongues, and Kharitonov
and outside took the microphone and asked for everyone’s attention, announced as her “hesitated”
seated Varvina. Natalia listened to the lamentations of sitting next to the blonde
very hard, sometimes laughing at them .

During the audience complaints about Natalia Kharitonova did not have time
notice how she took the microphone and began to attack the neighbor.

All participants of the project observed the actions of blondes
shocked eyes. Many even have time to laugh, except Olga Buzova,
which tried to stop participating, but did not, because the girls already
turned the fight into a horizontal position, knocking a few decorations.

Note that Alexandra is acting
skills on the famous telestroke, and Natalia, in addition to that is the wife
General producer, still teaches dance.

As a reminder, earlier the “Russian Dialogue” reported that Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko finally got married.