Stas Kostyushkin and Anastasia Stotskaya were married in the framework of the project.

Russian singer Stas Kostyushkin yesterday he shared with his fans in
the social network “Instagram” a new picture, which shows in
a wedding dress with her colleague Anastasia Stotskaya. Under the he noticed that
married “once” on the girl he loved, according to “Russian
The dialogue”.

is the fact that the same picture on his official page in
social networking “Instagram” published and Anastasia. Signatures
a photograph reassured fans, making it clear that neither the groom, nor
conversations about marriage will not affect the present family life of actors
because of the relationship they’re just playing for the project.

Note that
social network users are unable to comment on this announcement
admiring the harmony of the couple and beautiful costumes .

As a reminder,
that artist Stas Kostushkin already has a beloved girl. It is from 2006
years married to the champion of Russia in the acrobatics of Julia, in marriage, with whom she has two
wonderful sons – Myron and Bogdan.