A group of deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation representing LDPR and “United Russia”, has created a bill, which included the formation of a legal mechanism for the burial of the body of Communist leader Vladimir Lenin.

Information about the initiative published by RT. It refers to “Russian conversation”. It is known that the document was timed to the birthday of a revolutionary (Lenin’s birthday April 22).

The authorship of the bill, which received the name Of “buried,” belongs to Vladimir Sysoev, Ivan Sukharev, Alexander Kurdyumov, Evgeny Marchenko and Nikolai Brykin representing the Parliament in the structure of the Supreme court.

It is assumed that the interdepartmental Commission will be created. The work will include the issue of reburial of the remains of persons of historic significance .

“We are talking about the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin, the legal basis for the reburial of which is now missing in the legal field. A bill needs to fill the legal gap and to finally put an end to the cause of Lenin. The majority of Russian citizens support this decision”, – said the Deputy Sysoev.

Not so long ago, “Levada-Center” conducted a survey, revealing among the Russians, the attitude toward Lenin and his possible burial. Negative comments about the proposed idea, less than half of the respondents.

Previously, “Russian conversation” was told that in Ukraine widely spread practice of selling statues of the Communist leader at the auctions. In particular, not so long ago was sold under dekommunizatsionnye policy one of the statues of Lenin in Western regions of the country.