As it became known, the Russian President did not panic during the incident, he immediately responded to the emergency, and, interrupting a conversation with another student, asked those present to assist the girl and expressed the hope that her health is not in danger, reports “Russian conversation” with the reference to News.

According to the information received, this meeting of Vladimir Putin with the students of Urfu is in the format of questions and answers. In the second hour of discussion, communication with the head of state of one of the girls was sick and she fainted. The President immediately responded to the incident and interrupted his dialogue with the Chinese student, asking who was next to an unconscious student security personnel to help her.

“Please, help the girl. Take it quietly,” said the Russian leader. To assist the student, a security guard took the student out of the hall, followed from the audience ran and Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

Vladimir Putin continued to answer questions from the audience, noting that he sincerely hoped that the girl was nothing serious.

“I hope it’s nothing serious,” said concerned about the health of the student President.

You should pay attention to the fact that later the official representative of educational institutions, which met with Putin Dmitry Benemanskaya, said that the health of the girl threatens nothing, and her condition could be stabilized without resorting to hospitalization.

Previously, “Russian conversation” told readers about the health problems, available to the star of the popular TV series “Kitchen” Irina Temicheva had fallen into a swoon during the filming.