As it became known, the Ministry of education and youth policy of the Chuvash Republic said that on the morning of 29 may, a student in grade 11 secondary school №27, disabled from childhood, came to the exam, and already in appearance, it was clear that she’s not well, reports, “Russian conversation” with a link to the official website of the Department.

According to the information received, on duty in the school medical staff and the organizers of the exam is strongly recommended that the girl and her parents refuse to participate in the exam, but a senior graduate decided to take the exam.

Within an hour she wrote the exam, then asked permission to leave the office. In the corridor she became ill. The girl was given immediate medical aid, resuscitative measures, but to bring her back to life failed.

Representatives of the Ministry noted that the girl, according to preliminary data, suffered from a congenital heart defect. Currently under the investigation of the accident.

Earlier, the “Russian conversation” informed the readers about the tragic accident in the Tambov region, where one of the graduates of the school in the village of tokarivka, was found dead after the math exam.