As it became known, the body of a student was accidentally discovered by a resident of Moscow, which was returning from work in the forest belt located near one of the capital’s primary schools. It is reported by “Moskovsky Komsomolets” reports “Russian conversation”.

According to the information received, the path of a woman passes next to a school yard, where in honor of the solemn event gathered students and teachers of the educational institution. Going further, Adam entered the forest, where he found the boy’s body lying near one of the trees. Near the lifeless body of a student lay his briefcase.

A frightened resident of Moscow immediately decided to seek help and called law enforcement officials, who immediately moved to the scene of an emergency. As a result of the examination of the body and personal belongings that were in the child’s backpack, it turned out that the boy is 12 years old. At the moment it is unknown what happened to the student. His body was sent for examination, which will determine the cause of death.

“MK” did not specify what school the body was found. We only know that the school is located in Zelenograd. The boy’s body was discovered around 09:00, at this time the school held celebratory mood.

Earlier, the “Russian conversation” informed the readers about the incident in Turkey, where one of the resorts killed 12-year-old Russian girl that was sucked into the pipe by the powerful pump of the pool.