According to the newspaper “RIA”, the actress Inna Churikova will be discharged from the clinic within a couple of days. This was announced through her representative mark Varshaver, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to him, the state Churikova has stabilized and she feels great. He also noted that the previously diagnosed fractures were wrong. The actress found only bruises.

Now the actress a couple of days to watch the doctors to make sure that everything is in order, and let her go home.

We will remind, earlier state of the actress Inna Churikova was assessed as severe. The actress was in the surgical intensive care research Institute. N. V. Sklifosovsky. It was also reported that doctors discovered she had fractured ribs on the left side.

According to witnesses the incident, Churikova abruptly became ill on stage during a performance, she felt dizzy, she lost her balance and fell.

Inna Churikova was born on 5 October 1943, in Bashkortostan, after the war the family moved to Moscow, where Inna came to schepkinskoe school, completing it with “red” diploma in 1965.

The actress received its fame thanks to roles in movies such as Raika in the drama “Clouds over Bor”, the girl at the competition of the “I step through Moscow”, Marfa in “frost” and others.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the media found out what happened with Inna Churikova in fact. It is also known that the husband of Inna Churikova, Gleb Panfilov, reported new details about the state of her health.