Ivan Davydov

It would not have happened with the Russian state some trouble.

Trapped within the four walls of the man who was at the virus or the mayor — it’s how you look — it’s a hostage, it begins to seem that free time he now has too much. Man builds grandiose plans, promises to myself to learn Swahili (or Python, it doesn’t really matter), to build muscle, read the complete works of Leo Tolstoy. This, of course, an illusion. The muscles will remain flabby, Python is a mystery, familiarity with the work of the classic will end on the second page of the first volume. When you’re out of the usual rhythm of life torn out, time runs through your fingers, everything happens according to the word of the poet — “for the shirt in the chest climb, and the day is lost”. If the time and managed to find, is just to tell others how to spend time in isolation. A fashionable genre.

Well, I will try to keep up with fashion. I, for example, to entertain themselves, acquired hobby. Gather a collection. Sounds probably strange — the flea markets do not walk, to stamp with the deltiologists, too. But I don’t collect things. I collect tips. A valuable advice to each other and even us, ordinary people, hand out now the people of the state.

It’s a common folklore story: the needy are offered a choice of cash or advice. Who chooses the money, loses, who chooses the Council, respectively — in the black. Honestly, I’m the winner I do not feel, but can, for example, even the rating of these boards to make. Again, money is still no one else offers, let there be at least a rating.

And in last place in my ranking — the head of the RT, a scriptwriter of the program “international sawmill”, a businesswoman, a patriot, a brave cook and a remarkable woman Margarita Simonyan. Margarita Simonyan wonderfully revealed in recent months, she’s already more than a man, she is a mode symbol with its crackling vulgarity and thirst for uncomplicated, but large-scale theft. And want to, not pass.

“Recovered from kovida will pay for plasma, which will save others. If I were a Sultan, I have this plasma took mandatory before discharge. Free. As well free, as they are cured,” — wrote in his Twitter channel. And further more — about the fact that taxes shameless Russians are paying little, so even though the blood will reimburse the Fatherland loss.

The abyss of meaning here, of course. And implicit, graceful reference to the glorious traditions of Nazi concentration camp Salaspils. And a deep understanding of the economic situation. People, said while it is one prominent statesman, second oil. And the blood of man, apparently, is the third oil. And this is important, if to remember that for trying to sell the first oil will soon, probably, to beat.

Margarita Simonyan says a lot, but she says with relish, and when she stops speaking, I want to she said. Because no Bulk so humiliating truth never about the mode not say. She would, of course, in the first place in the rankings, but the fact that the Council — not us. Advice — favorite Boss (capital letter and enthusiastic breathing mandatory, of course).

Therefore, even modest regional clerk thronging permanent guest “living in Moscow”. Deputy Minister of healthcare of Krasnodar region Valentina Ignatenko became famous thanks to the valuable advice that was given to doctors who dared to complain about the lack of basic personal protective equipment: “where is the difficulty to sew the booties? Of course, I understand the suits “Tyvek” there is, for example, or facial masks, or goggles, or respirators — issue. Boot covers two cloth stitch. Take any cloth, put two or three nurses, who you will prostrachivajut. Why are you waiting for manna from heaven? Who do you bring?” There was a small scandal, but a native Ministry Ignatenko defended: “Tailoring individual gauze masks, Shoe covers fabric has always been a common practice and the responsibility of nurses”.

I wish I could have added that this is a worldwide practice. And nedokrutil the idea a bit. It would be the entire population of the Russian Federation to be distributed: everyone has their own get yourself a Shoe covers, before going to pass the state blood. Health is now a priority.

Even on a notch — children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova. Anna Kuznetsova advises Russians to isolation to give more time to family. There are gourmet delights that will ease it somehow shielding the intellectual power of the defender of children’s rights. Well, you just try to give the family with whom you have locked in an apartment is likely to close and less time. That is when you will appreciate the depth of this outwardly simple thought.

Further — a Federal Minister. The Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov, who by participating in the program of the channel “Russia-1” “actors with Naila Asker-Zade“, at first frightened of the Russians, saying that prices of imported goods, including tea and coffee, can grow, and then reassured and advised to drink useful and practically free herbal infusions.

“Gloves are good too as long nosheny!” — used to say, remember, General of the Saltykov-Shchedrin. And bad, of course, the one Minister who does not dream do come true “Tale of how one man fed two generals”. Manturov good Minister. The man in his place.

Following the Minister — the whole Ministry. The Ministry of emergency situations. Specialists from the emergencies Ministry advised Russians to wash vegetables, fruits and hands. And that, perhaps, it was those tips, which are now waiting from MOE. Perfect shot, sniper accuracy.

But above all is the Deputy Chairman of the security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. Here even the name of the location, and it shows that we have excellent specialist advice. However, he’s in his tenure as Prime Minister was able to give the Russians a perfect Board, timeless and unforgettable: there is no money and so on.

And now I decided to surpass myself, and, I think, managed and advised Russian citizens to the isolation to have fun.

There is even nothing to comment. There is only silently admire remains. So he’s still cute, so wise.

Although in General — anxious, still a little. They do not stop, they will continue to delight us with valuable advice and amazing ideas. What they actually do? No money to share with senseless people, who even blood for the country is a pity. And the more of these tips, the greater the risk that the Russians with the true value of advice will understand. And you wonder why all such advisers need.

Very, among other things, expensive advisers. And the advice is priceless. I mean, there are maybe even less than oil.

It would not have happened with the Russian state some trouble. Not to be self-fulfilling.

Ivan Davydov, “MBH media”