To mark the centenary of the revolution of the ROCOR (Russian Orthodox Church abroad) made a scandalous statement regarding the need once and for all to end the perpetuation of Lenin in the name of cities, streets, and monuments.

As informs “the Russian Dialogue,” the Russian foreign churchmen are convinced that the center of Moscow must be freed from the body of Lenin, which lies in the Mausoleum.

The need to destroy all memory of the leader of the revolution throughout Russia ROCOR argues that Lenin is the “main persecutor and torturer of the twentieth century”, and because everything reminds me of him, must be immediately destroyed.

Acts of Lenin, “organized and supported by the West”, Russia rejected decades ago because Europe was the hated Russian Empire .

The authors of this message adds that the revolution is “the fruit of oblivion and neglect to the faith of Christ and deviation from the divinely established authority”.