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Steam has a special Configurator gamepads, which launched for the needs of the Steam Controller, and then allowed to use with other devices. This Configurator already supports controllers on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on the eve invited his family to another console — Nintendo Switch, according to

Steam added support for Pro Controller gamepad for Nintendo Switch the usual form, which is sold separately. Valve believes that the Pro Controller is a great device, perfectly suited to the Steam directory. Cross, like, perfect for fighting games and platformers, and the gyroscope will improve the aiming in first-person shooters.

To connect your Pro Controller to Steam, you need to enroll in the beta client, go into the settings section “Controller”, click “Basic controller configuration” and tick “Uses . settings Switch Pro”. In addition, the “layout of buttons on the Nintendo” allows you to rearrange the buttons A/B and X/Y.

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The fact that the “petal” on the front Pro Controller uses the same names as on the Xbox gamepad, but the actual buttons are a little different. Setup “button layout on the Nintendo” to avoid confusion, if you are going to apply to the Pro Controller layout that was created for the Steam Controller, Xbox, or the default template.

We will remind that the Configurator gamepads on Steam gives you to create your own layout for each game individually, and also share them with the community. The Configurator is very meticulous and allows you to come up with a control scheme different degrees of amazing madness.