Star telestroke told whether Diana Shurygina to appear on the set of a reality show.

Stepan Menshikov emotionally reacted to what Diana Shurygina will be able to participate in the “House-2”. Star telestroke expressed my opinion about it in a recent interview, according to “Russian conversation”.

Stepan said he did not know all the details about the history of Diana and her rapist, and not really delve into it, but he was sure that if she slandered the guy, then it will suffer just punishment. “She’ll be compensated handsomely,” said ex-member of telestroke.

When reporters asked him whether Diana to participate in the “Dom-2” Stepan reacted very emotionally. “This… another “House-2″?!” – shouted the enraged Menshikov. Apparently, to him this idea did not like. He suggested that Shurygina there will arrange a lot of unpleasant scandals .

We will remind, blogger Evangi apologized for his friendship with Diana Shurygina. Many bloggers refused to communicate with the girl after the scandal associated with her rape.