The morning of January 9, opposition activists gathered in front of the Abkhazian drama theater in Sukhumi. They soon moved to the building of “presidential administration” of the unrecognized Republic and about an hour of the day tried to take it by storm. The protesters claim that in the last election “of the President” acting “President” Raul Khajimba received a majority of votes, and require to hold new elections. In “presidential administration,” saying it’s a coup attempt.

The first reason

Just note that the reasons that led several hundred people under the building “the administration of the President”, two. The first (and more common) has a little history. So back in 2019 and recall elections in the Russian-occupied Georgian territory of Abkhazia. And as you know, they took place in two rounds.

In the second round, held on 8 September, the head of the opposition party “amtsakhara” alas Kvitsinia lost the current “head of state” Raul Khajimba, typing 46.2% of votes (38 thousand 766) vs 47,4% (39 thousand 793), 3 thousand 155 people voted “Against all”.

The head of the opposition party “amtsakhara” alas Kvitsinia
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Defeated Kvitsinia expressed disagreement with the CEC released the results of the vote and 10 September filed a lawsuit to annul the results of the second round of elections. According to the opposition, in accordance with article 19 of the law “On elections of President of Abkhazia” President should not be elected head of state, as I got fewer votes than the total itself Kvitsinia, and a column “against all”.