NATO expect from Ukraine’s implementation of the adopted law on national security, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

“This newly elected Parliament has a historic opportunity to change Ukraine for the better, and all you have already made great strides. And I look forward to the implementation of the national security act, which was passed last year providing for parliamentary control over the security agencies, defense institutions and reform the security Services, ” – said Stoltenberg at the meeting of Verkhovna Rada on Thursday.

He noted that NATO advisors will work with parliamentarians on the implementation of the Euro-Atlantic principles and “best examples of work to strengthen the rule of law to ensure the rights of minorities, to fight corruption and to ensure that all aspects of public life were open and transparent, and serve the interests of the people of Ukraine.”

“It will support Ukraine’s aspirations to join NATO. As a sovereign state, Ukraine has the right to choose their own security system. NATO’s door remains open to you. The road to NATO membership is easy, and those who want it, must have dedication and to carry out significant reforms, but in the end, the membership is the decision of the members of the Alliance and those who want to join him, and they alone. No one outside of Ukraine has no right of veto, time, spheres of influence are gone,” – said the NATO Secretary General.

Stoltenberg also expressed his belief that Ukraine has a great future.

“Ukraine has come a long way, and much more necessary to pass. NATO supports you because we share the same values – a love of freedom and democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law,” he said.