MURMANSK, September 30. /Offset. TASS Ilya Vinogradov/. Students from the city of Zapolyarny of the Murmansk region in honor of the anniversary of the liberation of the famous Petsamo-Kirkenes operation Saturday went up on the mountain near Kirkenes in Norway, where there was a camp of the Norwegian partisans.


An unnecessary war
The second world war in facts and figures

As told TASS the Chairman who organized the campaign support Fund of employees and pensioners of the FSB in Murmansk region “Shield” Gennady Gurylev, it is from this camp, the guerrillas were supplied to the Soviet army critical intelligence, which largely contributed to the success of the operation to liberate the Northern regions of Finland and Norway from Nazi troops.

“Scouts were at the camp in September-October 1944, the anniversary of these events, the students noted the rise to a height where the dugout partisans,” said Gennady Gurylev .

The students in place of the feat

A group of pupils accompanied by their parents, interpreter and teacher of the school of polar city reached Kirkenes (Norway) by bus. Then, accompanied by Norwegian guide, they climbed to an altitude where the partisans in 1944, staged a camp to observe the fascist courts.

As reported by Gennady Gurylev trip participants, thanks to good weather, students were able to get directly to the dugout.

This is the first polar trip of schoolchildren to this place.

The Norwegian partisans

The group have been prepared in the Murmansk region, the Norwegian partisans were abandoned on a boat in Norway. Three of the guerrillas landed ashore on 22 September 1944 in the area of Holm fjord. They made a dugout in the mountain Areopen from where I could see Kirkenes and the closest Bay, which came in a fascist court.

The commander was assigned to the eldest Andrey Kosyrev – Norwegian Russian origin, whose father was in the 1920-ies fled to Norway from the Soviet Union. With him were Norwegians Adolf Hansen and Gunnar Halvari. The scouts had to climb the height that is located in the North – East from Kirkenes to find a convenient point of observation of ship traffic between Kirkenes and Petsamo. The information obtained they were to transmit by radio to the base, located near Murmansk.

This they did in the harsh conditions of the wild North with the risk of being discovered by the Nazis until October 26. When caravans of ships came from the areas of Kirkenes and vadsø, thanks to the timely reports of the guerrillas to intercept enemy vessels were submarines and aircraft.

After the Soviet offensive, they returned to the Soviet Union.

The untold story

The history of the partisan movement in Norway is one of the main areas of research activists of the “Shield”. Norwegian guerrilla group was established in the Northern Kingdom during the Second world war to fight the Nazi invaders. They acted in cooperation with the Soviet army. The complexity of this page of history that Norway her for a long time did not advertise.

The situation has changed in recent years. At the beginning of 2016 has launched a unique project with the participation of historians, ethnographers, search engines and public figures of Russia and Norway was established a bilateral expert group to study the actions of guerrilla groups.

In this work, the representatives of Russia and Norway started to work on the booklet for tourists, which will contain information about the main sites of action of the guerrilla groups with the participation of Norwegians and Soviet soldiers in the North of Europe during the Second world war. In February 2017 in Norway held a festival of Patriotic films “Northern Character. The lessons of history”, part of the tape was devoted to the struggle between Russia and Norway against fascism.