MOSCOW, December 18. /TASS/. Activists of the Moscow branch of the Russian popular front (onf) will hold in 2018, a series of activities to promote the street workout “Workout-troopers.” This was told on Monday, the TASS co-Chairman of the regional headquarters of the movement in the Moscow region, Grigory Skurikhin on the sidelines of the “Forum actions” BIP, which takes place in Moscow.

“Workout-landing will be scheduled throughout the year, in 10-15 cities suburbs. Will be coming to the city to set the bar, rochadi, will be holding lectures and workshops for children to show that there is a direction and you can not spend any money and play sports,” said Skurikhin.

According to him, the master classes will be conducted by activists of the popular front.

The most ambitious in the history of the popular front “action Forum” “Russia looking into the future” began on Monday in Moscow. In the two-day forum is attended by over 4 thousand people – activists and experts of the popular front, as well as heads of Executive authorities of the Russian Federation. More than half of the forum participants – representatives of young people for whom organized a special platform in the framework of the youth sector of the popular front “Junior front”.