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installed, the above incident is attested in one of
Italian settlements. According to residents of local neighborhoods, they
managed to capture the twists and turns on the camcorder smartphone. It is reported
edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Before the device NASA surrounded the alien ships.

the frames can be seen as the helicopter was surrounded by a flotilla of ships,
managed extraterrestrial humanoids. This incident is not lost opportunities
comment on Taiwan specialist Scott Waring.

Initially can
it would appear that the helicopter just carried out the inspection of the territory, but
attentively for a few minutes, you can
to distinguish the outlines of objects in the form of a ball that hovered beside air

The expert from
Taiwan said that a few years ago I saw a similar alien ships
so with confidence I can say about extraterrestrial intervention. Skeptical
configured, Internet users have called the incident a hoax facts.

Earlier it was spotted glowing alien spacecraft. Recall that during sunset, the Czechs saw a spaceship.