Valentin Sukalo

Chairman Verhovnogo court said that pressure was exercised by the investigators.

During the trial the chief engineer of the factory, Andrei Golovach was creating pressure on judges by investigators. This was reported today the Chairman of the Supreme court Valentin Sukalo after the meeting of the head of state with law-enforcement block, BelTA has learned.

During the meeting Alexander Lukashenko stressed that it is unacceptable that in the practice of the security forces, there is a new form of work – direct pressure on participants in the criminal process. “Even the judges arrive and begin to roll: Yes we are, Yes we’ll have to compress, tilt,” – said Lukashenko.

Valentin Sukalo confirmed that such cases do occur, though not often. In particular, it was during the court process on criminal case concerning the chief engineer of the Minsk wheel tractor plant. “Such facts have been established, they were – the pressure on the part of employees of the Investigative Committee on judges so that they decided not the verdict that is rendered. I think that the perpetrators will be taken”, – said the Chairman of the Supreme court.