August 16, people’s artist of Russia Vera Glagoleva died on 62-m to year of life. Colleagues of the actress remember her as a fine actress and decent, bright person.

Death Glagoleva shook all the actors and lovers of Russian cinema, said in the interview with TASS, people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Boyarsky.

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Biography Of Vera Glagoleva

People’s artist of Russia Vera Glagoleva died on 62-m to year of life.

“This is a very sad event that will shake all of the actors, all lovers of cinema, because she was a vivid character in our film,” said Boyarsky, adding that the message about the death of a colleague “stunned” him.

The actor with the warmth of remembered joint Glagoleva work on the TV series “the waiting Room”. “Meeting her was very pleasant, because working with a partner is pleasure . It is very soft, thin man, and at the same time she had such a wonderful core of consummate professional as an actress and future film Director”, he said.

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According to Boyarsky, he watched her directorial work, “which was at a high level.” “I was expecting from it even more interesting, as I watched her recent movies, it was really good,” recalled the actor.

“On the Faith of my warmest memories, I still see her before him, she’s so cute, she always smiled, even when we were annoyed by something, she always kept himself in hand, exuded optimism and kindness, – said TASS actress Natalia Surkov. We haven’t really talked, but seen in festivals. She’s so Sunny, so bright.”

“She was a lovely actress with the actor’s point of view helped us always in the film “One war”, – said Surkov. – It is a great loss for cinema.”

The Director of the television series “Maroseyka, 12” Sergei Beloshnikov remembers that Glagoleva was not only a good actress but also a very decent man. “She had two qualities that were identified: she was a decent person and a person who knows how to keep his word,” said TASS Beloshnikov. According to him, work with Glagoleva was “a pleasure”. He also called her “the great Soviet and Russian actress,” which will be the example for future generations.