BIPA – Cherkasy Mavpy


Budivelnik Kiev and Cherkasy Mavpy easily scored the semi-finals of the playoffs of the Ukrainian Superleague.

Already in the first quarter Budivelnik players made a serious bid not only on the final victory, but to defeat the opponent. 39 points of Kiev in 10 minutes starting become too much of a shock for players of Flint, which lost all three remaining quarters, the only one playing with more or less decent result.

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Thus, trust Vladimir Koval, followed yuzhnensky Chemist, easily passed the 1/2 final in the playoffs of the Ukrainian basketball Superleague, where he will meet with Cherkasy Maitami.

Flint – Budivelnik 64:116

First leg: 82:105

The account in a series: 0:2

In parallel with the match Budivelnik and flint in Odessa questioned the relationship of the local BEEPS and Cherkasy Mavpy. In the first meeting Mavpy won “+26” and many believed that at home Odessites have no chance.

However, the similarity of the fight turned out. Despite a complete nightmare in the first quarter (5 points), Odessa citizens gathered and, though not close to Maitum closer than 10 points, but the tone of the favorites were kept.

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Alas, the final octopus from the console beeps was not enough and they followed the rock, left the draw in the playoffs of the Ukrainian basketball Superleague.

BIPA – Cherkasy Mavpy 61:66

First match: 66:92

The account in a series: 0:2