A native of the canadian province of Quebec while watching news I saw a strange anomaly around the Sun. The attentive viewer is able to visually capture the black circle beside the heavenly bodies. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Surprised canadian no
could not understand why the speaker, not a word is said about this unusual phenomenon
that was so obvious. To witness such a phenomena was strange that
no one noticed at the time of mounting such an impressive black ring, which is good
appeared on several photographs.

In the pictures the Sun
located in different places, over and above the container ship is covered by an ice crust
Bay. And each of them reflected this mysterious ring.

Previously, scientists spoke about the shocking new theory of the death of the Sun.

The star will continue to cool
and vanishing . After this process, scientists think that the Sun will be like
planetary fog, then scattered in outer space.