Ihor Surkis



Sports news: the President “Dynamo” Igor Surkis shared his impressions of the world Cup.

The President “Dynamo” Igor Surkis shared his impressions of the world Cup.

Inevitable these days, the question is: who do you support in which started the world Cup?
– For anyone specifically. Want to enjoy beautiful football and individual games in the beginning of the tournament has justified expectations. Argentina did not break the resistance of Iceland, Portugal and Spain gave expected a great show from Cristiano Ronaldo in the lead role.

Try not to miss a single game in the world Cup and get pleasure from what you might see interesting matches, not giving preference to any of the parties. It’s during the fights with the participation of close to me – teams “Dynamo” or the Ukrainian national team – the pressure is simply off the charts. And now in front of the TV can completely relax .

But if betting on the winner of the tournament – who would have preferred?
– Not all favorites is seen in the case, but the French barely pulled out the victory, the Argentines lost points… I would Like to see how to start the Brazilians and the Germans (this conversation took place before Sunday’s matches Brazil – Switzerland and Germany – Mexico. – approx.) but while the look is preferable to the Spaniards. The Portuguese give the impression of a team of one player. But football is undoubtedly brilliant…