Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda performed a dangerous stunt at a concert in “Crocus city Hall”.

Recently Svetlana Loboda gave a solo concert in “Crocus city Hall”. The singer delighted the audience with a spectacular show. Loboda sang her most famous hits from his repertoire, and performed dangerous acrobatic stunt, according to “Russian conversation”.

At some point, the star, to which were attached strong ropes flew into the air and flew over the heads of the astonished audience. The singer managed to make several somersaults at this moment. The video, which depicted the flight of Svetlana appeared in her microblog.

“Yesterday was such clarity in everything! My team – you are gods,” said the celebrity.

Fans were shocked by the spectacular acrobatic stunt. A few even got scared and asked a celebrity in the future to abandon such a life-threatening techniques .

“Wow, just a shock for me! Be more careful,” “it is Terrible for You… take care of yourself and your talent”, “Sveta, what you don’t cherish”, “Here is a show that is the level of… Thank you, just thank you for what you have” – said the admiring followers.