The best room in the awards ceremony MUZ-TV, was hit Svetlana Loboda Super Star. Just for two days, leaving a newborn dochuroy under the supervision of nurses in America, Svetlana arrived in Moscow and, of course, I had to pounce on the luxurious diva with emotional issues.

A frame from the video.

– Light, happy daughter!

– Thank you!

That’s a cool HYIP having a son, to fly to the other end of the Earth to sing and dance!

– I arrived last night just for two days to an important event, because the ceremony can show a great performance, and it is very important to me. I love the performances and, of course, wanted to present a new song Super Star, because they understood that in my pocket megahit, I believe in it.

– That is, until I gave birth, you’re still thinking only about music?

– Not only, as you know, about music I thought, but Yes, I did and music. I like a car that gained momentum and can’t stop . I think our energy is my and my crew will suffice for many years.

That means creative people.

– I also made a documentary that will show to the fall, recorded a three-hit, which is enough for me for a year and a half. So I can now even a little potreskatsya. Prepared performance and filmed a teaser for the song “Superstar”.

– Oh, he made noise, this teaser. You birth to do such acrobatic tricks done? Or is it still invoice the belly after birth?

Are you kidding? What invoice?! Dancing on the ninth month of pregnancy two weeks before birth! My mother was horrified, told me every day: please, dear, don’t, it’s risky. And I say: mom, the emergence and return (to the scene) must be enchanting. In General, that’s what I was doing.

– Came out really enchanting. As always, however, you. And childbirth? If everything went?

– Very easy birth. In America to give birth I was very good (Svetlana gave birth in one of the most expensive and prestigious hospitals, where they bred many stars of American show business – approx. ed.). Don’t know, maybe due to the fact that this (second) pregnancy I was more relaxed… Because the first child is, of course, a very big fear. The fear to move left and right…

– Yes, judging by the teaser, you from this fear successfully got rid…

– About pregnancy I learned in the third month, when it was in America. But I can’t do choreography because we worked for thirty concerts a month, and realized that this vector I need to keep on. If my child is coping, she is comfortable, I need to be then trained sports girl to easily give birth.

– And had, therefore, effortlessly?

– Very easy! Five hours.

– And like all the same girl? Or boy for a change?

– Initially, of course, really wanted a boy when I found out I was pregnant. But the family I have badly wanted a girl. My daughter said, mom, sister want it! And when we found out that we will still be sister, happiness was a lot, I’ve got this idea for a week and decided that the boy should be after. We’ll make more!

– Great! But you’re all condemned – like, not managed to give birth to and then abandoned his child for the sake of this vanity fair. You’re a nursing mother?

– Yes, I am a nursing mother and intends to do it longer.

– And how? You’re here, the baby in America…

I left everything you need for the week ahead, though he arrived in just two days.

– What is left?

– My breast milk!

– How?! It does not go sour?

– Human milk stored in the refrigerator – for two weeks. And three months in the freezer.

But it’s also a lot we had to leave… are You a dairy farm there staged?

– First, I do not expect any kind of trip, because I thought that the face later, and then it would be no premiere with the performance today would not exist. But when it happened, and I gave birth in late may, we realized that we should go, all the time, in my head it all came together. And the whole first week (postpartum) I had what was left of the milk to the stock. I – fanatic mother, crucial for me to breastfeed.

– That is still a responsible mother, and not only a responsible artist…

Even as a mother more responsible than the artist, I would say.

– And how it to leave? I’m sorry, I just don’t know…

– There are special breast pumps, devices such all nursing moms know it.

– Wonders! Here it is – progress! You have now milk accumulates while you’re in the ceremonies of touring?

Yes, it is. So carry this little device. Every two and a half hours to decant. All on time and on schedule! And then I came literally in two days, tomorrow I’ll be in America with my babies.

– No does your creative ambitions another attempt of conquering Eurovision, for example? In Moscow in 2009, you were good, and now just fine, and at the last competition in Lisbon, I somehow thought that the present Loboda would be very good in europecannot context…

– No such thoughts. I don’t see the point in this competition, it has its own laws, it takes a lot of energy and effort. I remember I got it after two months of rehabilitation.

– Longer than after giving birth.

– Yes! Therefore I have no purpose to be on “Eurovision”, I have a goal to be an artist number one for a very long time, and maybe not just in one or two countries, and to go further. So I diligently study English, communicate with the right people, looking for managers. Maybe something will happen.

View. I’m still a realist. I understand that it is very difficult and this is a dream or ambition in something from the category of fiction. But I believe in miracles, I will try and search something. I have energy, charisma and the capacity is all you need. Left only right to use it. My producer Natella Krapivina does not believe that America can become a star. Work, says on the market that loves us, accepts, understands our Slavs work! But as someone very ambitious and earned a certain position, I always want to go further, to look for those threads for which to pull on.

– And we shall soon learn the name of the father of the child, or will it remain shrouded in mystery?

Someday… someday…

The main thing is that you do not suffer!

– I have all gorgeous!

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