Popular actress permjakova raised an important social theme in his microblog.

actress and star of the television series “Interns” Svetlana permjakova told
about bowel cancer on his official page in “Intergram”,
according to “Russian conversation”.

cancer – fear of the modern world. A disease that does not spare
neither children nor adults, neither young nor old, neither popular nor poor, nor

the statistics of this terrible problem, the famous actress revealed to all that the most
effective way of dealing with cancer – prevention. Artist
wrote in his official social network that is going to go on
colonoscopy (insertion of an endoscope with a light and camera at the intestine).
This preventive action will help to find anything unnecessary and remove it .

Star KVN
notes that bowel cancer always around the corner, and statistics
mortality of asymptomatic killer is frightening. But the fact is that society
just ashamed to undergo an intimate procedure.

In his
microblog Permyakov is strongly recommended not to hesitate and more carefully
treat yourself and your health. To undergo an annual survey and
to draw on the opinion of strangers, because it is the first thing that you.

creativity of Svetlana it is fully supported in the decision to undergo a colonoscopy and
the call to think about the rest.