The actress has admitted that recently began again to speak to his heir.

About it reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to the domestic publication Starhit.

It was known that Alex stopped to chat with her mother, as she married after she divorced his father. Svetlana for some time lived in a marriage with the artist Sergey Sokolsky. But the family life of the couple was very short. However, Alex was still mad at mother and didn’t even want to call her. However, after some time, the relatives decided to make peace.

Now, according to Svetlichny, she is good at communicating with my son. Alex is very often calling her, asking about health, and possible helping. Also the heir to the actress tells her how he’s doing and what project is now working.

Recently Svetlana with her son was at the grave of his younger brother . Mother and son cleaned the dirt around the fence, resulting in the order of a burial place of a relative.

Svetlichnaya very pleased that once again started to communicate with Alex and they managed to overcome the conflict that arose a long time.