Yulia Svetlichnaya



Photo: ukrafoto.com

News of Ukraine: Yulia Svetlichnaya said that the problem with the provision of chlorine “Harkovvodokanal” will be solved within a few days.

In the near future JSC “Dniproazot” will resume deliveries of chlorine to the municipal enterprise “Harkovvodokanal”.

This reports the press service of the Kharkiv regional state administration (RSA), citing the head of the regional state administration Yulia Svetlichnaya.

“Completely remove the problem and ensure the need for chlorine in “Harkovvodokanal” is planned for several days”,- quotes Yury Svetlichnyy the press service of the RSA.

According to her, the region the problem of lack of chlorine arose only in the regional center.

“On the territory of Kharkiv region the problem of lack of chlorine occurred only in Kharkiv. In other cities and districts of the region’s utility companies were formed sufficient stocks for smooth operation and ensure the needs of residents in the water,” said Yulia Svetlichnaya.

The information States that Yulia Svetlichnaya was instructed to find out why stocks of chlorine in Kharkov was less than in other regional centers.

“The head of the RSA instructed the authorized bodies to perform what has caused the lack of adequate supplies of chlorine on KP “Harkovvodokanal” and why in Kharkiv reserves of chlorine was enough for the fewest days of all the regional centers of the country”, – said the press service of the RSA.

As reported, “Dniproazot” is the only supplier of chlorine for water treatment in Ukraine.

Since April of PJSC “Ukrnafta” has stopped the processing of gas at the facilities of “Dniproazot”, after which the chemical companies have stopped work.

On 18 July the mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes declared that KP “Harkovvodokanal” needs to chlorine as a priority, after JSC “Dniproazot” will resume .

“We promise that today’s strategic enterprise “Dniproazot” will have to start, and we are there first to receive the chlorine. We very strongly about, but for now we hold”, – said G. Kernes Wednesday.

Speaking about the action plan of the city authorities in case of “Dniproazot “don’t start soon, Mr. Kernes said, “Plan B” one – we need to buy chlorine. We have money, we have paid a long time ago, Director of the municipal enterprise wrote letters in June to the attorney General Lutsenko, Prime Minister Groysman and the head of our regional administration Svetlichnaya – zero reaction”.

July 20 “Dniproazot” announced the resumption of the chlorine group workshops.