Swedish military



Photo: Twitter

The Swedish government has decided to increase this year’s defense spending by 500 million kroner to strengthen the military potential.

The government of Sweden and the political opposition agreed on Monday to increase in this year’s defense spending by 500 million euros ($55.7 million) to strengthen military capabilities. About it reports Reuters.

“We have long observed the deterioration of the situation in the security sphere, so it is important to respond various events, and this step is part of a strategy,” – said the Minister of defence of Sweden Peter Hultqvist.

It is noted that Russia, which increasingly intensifies, and tensions over the conflict in Ukraine have led Swedish politicians to initiate the strengthening of military capabilities.

The parties also noted that further additional costs for the next few years will be considered in the context of the budget .

Previously, the Supreme commander of the Swedish army, General Michael Biden said that the armed forces are lacking at least 6.5 billion kroner to fully Fund scheduled for the next three years of operation.

“Now we just need to continue the discussion and get back to solving this issue,” said Hultquist, keeping in mind the budget for 2018, which should be adopted later this year.

Sweden, which is not a NATO member, has continually cut military spending for the years after the cold war. According to the International Institute for peace studies Stockholm (SIPRI), in 2015 the Swedish government and part of the opposition agreed in 2015 to increase the defense budget by CZK 10.2 billion for 2016-2020. The funds announced today will be highlighted for you.