The strengthening of the country’s army are the 70% of the Swedish Parliament.

The Swedish authorities decided to partially reinstate conscription, which was abolished in 2010. This was announced by the representative of the Ministry of defence of Sweden Marinette, Radebe Thursday, March 2.

The Swedish armed forces are going from 1 January to call for service 4 thousands of boys and girls born in 1999. They will choose from 13 thousand people after passing the appropriate physiological and psychological tests.

As noted, Radebe, a return to the practice of military conscription was caused by “a change in the situation, one of the reasons for this was the military activity of Russia”.

She pointed to the model of military service Norway as an example for Sweden and added that 70% of Swedish parliamentarians in favour of strengthening the country’s army.

The term of military service for conscripts will be nine to 12 months, after which the recruits will either remain in the armed forces, or go into reserve.

We will remind, in September 2016 Sweden regained its permanent military presence on the largest island of Gotland located in the Baltic sea off the southeastern coast of the country.

Note, the Finnish government will increase annual military spending of 55 million euros from the current 2.4 billion euros. This step is associated with the growth of military tension in the Baltic region and Russia’s actions in Eastern Ukraine.

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