Photo: FNTO

Sports news: Women’s national team of Ukraine with a 3rd place in the group went out in the 1/8 finals of the 2018 world Cup, which takes place in Halmstad (Sweden).

In the final match of Ukrainian national team defeated Hungary 3:2.

Margarita Pesotskaya and Anna Gaponova first won their matches, but Tatiana Bilenko could not win in the third match.

Then Margarita Pesotskaya had another match, but lost.

In the final match, when the score was 2:2, Anna Gaponova beat the rival and brought victory to Ukraine.

In 1/8 finals of the Ukrainian will play against the national team of Singapore.

The men’s team plays in the second division. To get in first, you need to get to the finals in their division. Now they have 3 wins, the final 2 matches will be held today .