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“About Russia with love”
© TASS and Project #LIVE

On the eve of Day of Russia, TASS correspondent in different countries and asked people the question: “What would you like to have such thing in Russia?”

Many respondents noted the surprising nature of Russia and said that he would like at least a “piece of Baikal”. People in other countries just remember the beauty of Russian architecture, the world’s best ballet and Russian writers, primarily Dostoevsky, Chekhov and Pushkin.

The inhabitants of hot Egypt would very much like to have the Russian snow .

When talking about Russian cuisine, foreigners recalled eggs, soup, pancakes, vodka and kvass, and also surprisingly tasty Krasnodar tomatoes.

However, remember not only the stereotypes. The interlocutors noted Russian public transport, including taxis, as well as a high level of education in Russia. The girl from China appreciates the quality of Russian toothpaste.

The national anthem is very popular with the foreigners and some consider it the most beautiful in the world. Also, the officials suggested that their country lacks such a strong and influential leader like Vladimir Putin. Speaking about the people of Russia, TASS, the interlocutors noted that he would like to have in their country, such as deep-thinking people.

The video is available on the websites of the TASS and project #LIVE, as well as in social networks.