Russian figure skater Tatiana Navka, in addition to attending birthday Philip
Kirkorov celebrated his 19th birthday eldest daughter, according to “Russian
The dialogue”.

2 may marked
your birthday daughter Tatiana Navka, Alexander. On vacation in Dubai, the skater took his two daughters, who also accompanied her on the occasion of Philip Kirkorov.

For the birthday girl
brought a plate of cakes and one candle, which the girl
blow out on happiness. Younger sister Nadia congratulated Alexander climbed to
on her knees and touching my arm around her.

Note That Navka
very proud of the success his daughter: Sasha is studying in MGIMO in the first year and very responsible
refers to studies, getting straight a’s.

As a reminder,
previously, “Russian conversation”
reported that the wife Peskov, Tatiana Navka has shared his impressions
anniversary show Pugacheva.