Artem Surkov


MOSCOW, may 7. /TASS/. Russian national team on wrestling took first place in the team event at the European Championships, which ended on Sunday in the Serbian Novi Sad.

The Russian team won 16 medals – five gold, four silver and seven bronze.

Gold medals in freestyle wrestling won Ilyas Bekbulatov (weight category up to 65 kg), Dauren Kurugliyev (to 86 kg), Lyubov Ovcharova (to 60 kg) and Anastasia Bratchikova (to 69 kg). Silver medals were won by Ahmed Chakayev (up to 61 kg), Anzor Boltukayev (97 kg) and Natalya Malysheva (53 kg), bronze – Zaur Uguyev (up to 57 kg), Israil Kasumov (70 kg) and Ahmed Gadzhimagomedov (74 kg). European champion in wrestling Greco-Roman style became Artem Surkov (to 66 kg), silver in the asset Chingiz Labazanov (up to 75 kg), bronze – Miriana Semenova (to 59 kg), Abuyazid Monzikova (up to 71 kg), Adlan Akieva (80 kg) and Vitaliy Schur (up to 130 kg) .

Second place overall went to the team of Turkey (5-1-3), followed by Bulgaria (3-3-1).