Tehran will progressively reduce the volume of commitments in the framework of the Joint comprehensive plan of action (AGREEMENT) to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue, while not normalized Iran’s oil exports and banking relations of the Republic, said the official representative of the Supreme national security Council, Keyvan Khosravi.

“Iran will continue to make consistent and incremental steps to end the AGREEMENT comply with the obligations derived from the statement of the UN security Council as long as the status quo of oil sales and banking transactions will not return to the status quo prior to the US withdrawal from the transaction,” – said on Tuesday Khosravi by the Iranian media.

AGREEMENT was concluded in July 2015 with Iran and the “six” of international mediators (the five permanent UN security Council members and Germany – Interfax). Under this deal Iran has limited activities in the nuclear field in exchange for the suspension of international and unilateral sanctions. Who replaced Barack Obama for President Donald trump in may of last year announced the US withdrawal from the AGREEMENT and the renewal of the sanctions against Iran, including in the oil and banking sectors.

EU countries remaining in the AGREEMENT, promised to develop a special payment mechanism that would continue trade and financial transactions, primarily in the oil sector with Iran to bypass the us sanctions. However, until now this mechanism has not earned.

On may 8, exactly a year after the US withdrawal from the AGREEMENT, Tehran announced that it was suspending implementation of the part of obligations of the AGREEMENT.

At the same time Iran was given by the European signatories of the nuclear agreement 60 days to complete their part of liabilities. Otherwise, Tehran will abandon restrictions on the level of uranium enrichment, as well as the modernization of the heavy water reactor in Arak.