Wednesday, March 1, weather in the Russian capital, was a pleasant surprise of its inhabitants warm and favorable weather.

According to information provided by the hydrometeorological center, on Wednesday, the temperature rose to 5.7 degrees above zero.

Note that repeated absolute maximum temperature, which was recorded on this day 17 years ago.

As it became known, the warm temperatures in Moscow will continue until the end of this week.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, despite the small distance that separated Earth and Venus, the second planet in the Solar system is not studied scientific figures. The problem is too aggressive climate in which all humanity had created the technique fails. As noted by the American researchers, they were able to design a probe that can conquer unapproachable Venus .

Recall that the American researchers were able to freeze the items until the lowest temperature in nature, reducing the temperature of an object up to 360 microkelvins. Such indicators previously thought impossible, as it was below kvantovogo Predela. They managed to get the values of heat of 10 thousand times smaller than in the vacuum of space.