Pomeranian Teriberka became popular after the movie “Leviathan”

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The Pomeranian village of Teriberka in the Murmansk region became a symbol of devastation and hopelessness in the acclaimed film “Leviathan”. The picture brought village popular among tourists and entrepreneurs. Last year Teriberka is among the twenty popular travel destinations. Now in village festivals and holidays are business projects.

Festival “Teriberka. New life” will be held here for the third time. Last year members of this forum offered to set up in the village saltworks, process of wild and marine products of the Arctic. Authorities said the intention to do Teriberka, the Russian centre of Arctic tourism, and the participants of the festival discussed the development of the Arctic surf and other activities.

In reality, the village has opened shop on processing of kelp and implemented two projects: for the production of sea salt and the processing of Northern berries . This year’s festival will be representatives of architectural firms from different cities of Russia and from abroad.

The substitution of salt and berries

Teriberka is located 120 km North-East from Murmansk on the Barents sea. It’s a Pomeranian, a village known since the XVI century. Especially actively it is developed in the 1940-60-ies, when operated fishing industries, shipyard, farm. But the economic crisis in the 1990-ies has led the village in decline: businesses have closed, young people began to leave, the problems started in housing and social services.

The film Andrei Zvyagintsev’s provided Teriberka very peculiar ads — backwoods amid the beautiful Arctic nature. The village went to the tourists. In 2015, farmers ‘ cooperative “Lakalaka” and the project “the Big land” with the support of the regional authorities announced the revival of Teriberka. “Sustainable rural development we associate with the revival of crafts at a new technological level”, — said General Director of “Teriberka Finance”, managing partner of farmer’s cooperative “Lakalaka” the industrial cluster project in Teriberka Oleg Stepanov.

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Investment in the creation of industrial cluster will reach 187 million rubles. This will create around 65 new jobs, 25 of which are seasonal. Salt is expected to produce by special technology, is specially developed under Teriberka. The output of the first stage is planned in the amount of 4 thousand tons.

A workshop for processing wild forest plants in the first phase of the Northern berries are supposed to be equipped with Western and domestic equipment, development of which is now go. The production will be at the initial stage, about 1 thousand tons. The workshop will freeze the berries, to produce concentrates, jams and other products.

The authors of the project emphasize the fact that sold in our country high-quality sea salt is fully imported, and the value of import of wild berries Russia is the third country in the world. The reason is the backwardness of our technology, not for the processing of natural products with the required quality.

This industrial cluster has got the status of priority investment projects of the region, which will give investors benefits, reported TASS Tatiana Russkova — Deputy Minister of industry and entrepreneurship of the Murmansk region. Now under production already allocated land. “First and foremost, the herbs should be started already this year, in 2019 will be output at full capacity”, — said Russkova.

For tourists going to build a gas station

For tourists in Teriberka opened the hotel and are building a eco hotel, which should take its first guests in September this year. The concept of eco hotel involves the guests as close to nature and outdoor sports. The complex will include a hotel, recreation center, pier, climbing wall. Investments amount to almost 130 million rubles.

According to the government of the Murmansk region, the flow of tourists in Teriberka is constantly growing. For example, arriving in the Arctic Chinese citizens in the compulsory program of visits invariably include North and Teriberka.

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For tourists, investors are going to build in the village petrol station is now the nearest gas station is 120 miles away, in Murmansk. The gas station on the Barents sea will be calculated not only on cars but also on snowmobiles and other equipment.

According to Tatiana Russkova, the amount of planned investment in infrastructure Teriberka and production in its territory of hundreds of millions of rubles. “For inclusion in a comprehensive program for the development of Teriberka expect nine investment projects with a total funding of more than 450 million rubles planned number of employees — 179 people,” — said the Deputy Minister.

Among the new projects referred to the construction of tourism “coastal village” and the creation of a farm for growing bivalve shellfish — mussels.

Architecture, music and cuisine

The third festival “Teriberka. New life” will be held in the village on July 15-16. The main focus of the event will be made not for entertainment, business and educational agenda. The festival will be held at five venues, each of them representing one of the potential growth points of the village: architecture, urban Playground of traditional crafts and trades, gastroturizm, sport tourism and educational tourism.

Architectural-urban area will gather renowned architects and authors from the USA, Norway and the Netherlands. Russia will be represented Yakutsk, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow. Among the participants will be architects who spetsializiruyutsya on the researches of architecture and urbanization in extreme climatic conditions.

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“The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the prospects of creating a comfortable environment in Teriberka, to make it attractive and convenient not only for tourists but also for local residents,” — said Tatiana Russkova.

On the topic of cognitive and ecological tourism will be talking to biologists, ornithologists and ecologists, and photographers — winners of international competitions will hold a master-classes on shooting wildlife. In addition, the festival will traditionally come fans of extreme sports, musicians, craftsmen and lovers of the Arctic cuisine.

As reported in the regional government, the total budget of the festival this year exceeded 9 million rubles, including about 4 million allocated regional budget.

Ilya Vinogradov