FC Ternopil



Sports news:Ternopil decided to play in the Second League-2017/18 and sent the letter with the request to PFL, the official website of the club.

The reason for this decision of Ternopil began the financial problems which the team recently failed to come to the game 6-th round of the Second League against woodland.

Now the letter of Ternopil is pending in the PFL, and the decision to withdraw the club has the right to take the Council of the League.

According to Sport Arena, most of the players already left the team and received the status of free agents.

The club ceases to exist. FC Ternopil plans to undergo reorganization, to enter into an expanded National football League of Ukraine.

On Sunday it was reported that Ternopil the club had a potential sponsor, but to negotiate with him failed, and that was the last straw .

Also on 9 August, there was information that the city Council of Ternopil asked the townspeople for financial assistance to the football club.

FC Ternopil is a Communal enterprise, so all appointments and key decisions are made by city Council — management on Affairs of family, youth and sport, parliamentary Council and personally by the mayor.

The removal of Ternopil will have a significant impact on the Group calendar And the Second League, where they will remain 10 teams instead of the planned 12. Thus, from two clubs in each round will have unexpected output. As the season is in full swing, it is not possible to combine groups or pereverstyvat calendar.

In the opening rounds, the third power League Ukraine the team of Peter Badlo scored no points.

We will remind, earlier with the Second League starred Cherkasy Dnepr-2.