The consequences of suicide bombings in the suburbs of Maiduguri (archive photo)

In the accident injured 83 people.

As a result of blasting of the suicide bomber at the market in Nigeria killed at least 27 people, reports Reuters.

It is noted that the incident occurred in the North-East of the country in the village Konduga near the city of Maiduguri.

The representative of service of rescue reported that two suicide bombers blew themselves up near the gates to the refugee camp, which is located near the market.

The second incident no one was killed but there were injuries. To date, reported 83 casualties.

Nigeria operates a radical Islamist group, Boko Haram. Its militants opposed to the Western model of education and achieve the introduction of Sharia law throughout the country. Grouping is behind most of the terrorist attacks regularly occurring in response to directed against a military campaign being carried out by Niger, Cameroon and Chad .

Earlier it was reported that the armed attacks on the Catholic Church in Nigeria killed 12 people.

Militant attack in Nigeria, killing more than 50 people