MOSCOW, March 12. /TASS/. The passions around the doping scandal surrounding the national team of Russia in speed skating are long gone, the attitude to Russian athletes from rivals has changed for the better. This opinion TASS expressed by the President of the Russian skating Union (TFR ) Alexey Kravtsov.

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Kravtsov: the pre-Olympic season was difficult for the Russian skaters

“All the consequences of the doping scandal are felt to a much lesser extent, – said Kravtsov. – At first, everything was on the rise, it was quite hard and tense. Now all accustomed to, the intensity of sleep, and in General, during this season against the national team of Russia has changed from the other athletes and all participants of process”.

“For the first time of everything is always hard, there is pressure, but then you get used, – said the head of the TFR. – I believe that by the end of this season the consequences of a doping scandal are felt much less in the Olympic season we will be much easier in this regard.”

In December, Russia lost a world Cup final – 2017 speed skating Championships, the tournament was moved from Chelyabinsk in Norwegian Stavanger. The international skating Union (ISU) implemented the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which was published after the release of the second part of the report, Richard McLaren, doping at the Olympics in Sochi.