To the 100 anniversary from the birthday of prominent theater Director, founder of the Taganka Theater, actor Yuri Lyubimov on 24 and 25 April in Moscow in the cinema “Illusion” will be a retrospective “Yuri Lyubimov. The show with the Master”. Ticket buying is not required: charity sessions.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

In the record of Yuri Lyubimov — about 30 paintings, mostly 40-60-ies of the last century. Subsequent life was entirely devoted to theatre, movie time.

For the first time in 60 years on the big screen, you will see the black-and-white film of “Much ADO about nothing” by Shakespeare’s play, filmed in 1956. In the Theater. E. Vakhtangov he was still in 1936 staged by Joseph Rapoport, under the leadership of Boris Zahava. The music was composed by Tikhon Khrennikov. Some of the actors, such as Nikolai Bubnov, Anatoly Kazinski, participated in the show since the premiere, and someone came in later and sealed in the film version . Yuri Lyubimov, at that time already honoured artist of the RSFSR and laureate of the Stalin prize, played the role of Benedict. Starred in the film-play as a hero and Yulia Borisova. She will introduce the film, tell me how the film had been made. Already it is worth to go for a unique evening.

I wonder what Yulia Borisova was filmed with Yuri Lyubimov in the painting “Three meetings” in 1948, which worked Ptushko, Pudovkin and Yutkevich, with the participation of Mikhail Romm. Problems with the film were many: the censors saw “parody” in the article. The role of the meteorologist Rudnikova played Lyubimov. His character inflicts on the face of the fat to withstand 40-degree frost, and the dog goes in search of the Aurora. If you do not pay the audience’s attention on what is in front of them, Yuri Lyubimov, they won’t know. Soldier Mines back home — and then the censors have discovered many unacceptable. It was impossible to go to war in a compartment, so heroes transplanted into reserved seats, and the mention of Europe, whence they returned, withdrew. The stakhanovka from the Urals Oksana Ostapenko has played young Julia Borisova. Girl worships native plant, and the machine is running, said my friend.

The film was a difficult fate. Year was not released, and then allowed showings only in the province. The authors declared “rootless cosmopolitans.” All who participated in the “Three meetings”, passed away. So now the picture can only tell Yulia Borisova.

On the evening of April 25 will remember a few films with Lyubimov. Among them — “the Swineherd” by Alexander Macerata 1941, where Yuri Petrovich played the Prince; the first stereo movie, “Robinson Crusoe,” Alexander Andrievsky 1947 with Robinson Pavel Kadochnikov and Friday — Yuri Lyubimov. From “the Kuban Cossacks”, taken in 1949, shows a scene that was not included in the famous painting by Ivan pyreva. Will also represent fragments of the movie “scene On the stage” Konstantin Yudin, 1956, at the vaudeville “Lev Gurych Sinichkin”, where the main role was played by Vasily Merkuryev, “Cain XVIII” hope of Kosheverova and Michael Shapiro 1965, screenplay by Nikolai Erdman and Eugene Schwartz, where Yuri Petrovich will stand in the way of the Prime Minister.

In evening will take part Natalia Sadovskaya, which at the age of 12, starred with Lyubimov in the first Soviet color film “snow Queen” that the screens did not come out since the war began. Both evenings will be accompanied by comments of experts and great storytellers of Gosfilmofond of the Russian Federation — Evgeny Margolit and Peter Bagrov.

Screenings will be held in the framework of the jubilee year “a Century Yuri Lyubimov”. Throughout 2017 in Moscow, in the homeland of Yuri Lyubimov in Yaroslavl, abroad will be a variety of activities to his memory. In the Museum of Moscow will be an exhibition “Lyubimov and time”; will be held an international scientific conference at the Russian state library of art; a solo piano concert “In Memoriam of Yuri Lyubimov” give Andras Schiff in the Grand hall; will take place the premiere of Mussorgsky’s Opera “Prince Igor” staged by Lyubimov. In the Bolshoi theatre a concert “Dedication Lyubimov”. Total planned more than 50 events.