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NIZHNY NOVGOROD, July 27. /TASS/. Football stadium “Nizhny Novgorod” is almost completely filled in the match for the Supercup of Russia between Moscow “the Locomotive” and CSKA. Arena, who had previously matches of the 2018 world Cup and can accommodate 45 thousand spectators visited 43 319 people.

On the first game at the stadium after the world Cup, which is the championship of Football national League (FNL) met local “Nizhny Novgorod” and “Tyumen”, was attended by 18 thousand people. Initially, the match tickets were sold only on the first tier of the stadium, but due to the high demand of ticket sales launched in some sectors of the second tier .

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Meeting for the super bowl was the first, which attracted almost full arena. Many of the fans decided to see the match live for the first time. The reason for this was a surge of interest in football after the world Cup.

“Today we came to the game for the first time, the first time I watched the matches of our national team on TV, but not games clubs, – told the correspondent of TASS cheerleader Catherine. – During the world Cup was very concerned for Igor Akinfeev and upset when he failed to score Mario Fernandez (in his post-match penalties in the 1/4 finals of the world Cup with the Croats – 3:4. – approx. TASS). But so imbued with the football, which could not come to the stadium when he learned that here come CSKA. Today, support them and personally over the net”.

To the new stadium and a nice walk

Stadium Nizhny Novgorod was put into operation in March this year. During the world Cup, he took four meetings the group stage, the 1/8 finals and the quarterfinals. During the championship of the arena were heard only positive feedback from fans and teams.

CSKA prepared banner#Superbowl #Lokossa pic.twitter.com/WVkV2pEt2B

— Dilshad (@LomovskikhD) July 27, 2018

“The world Cup had a positive impact on the citizens’ attitude to football, if it comes to “Nizhny Novgorod” crowd. Stadium is a terrific facility that is pleasant to walk. Today took grandson to the match, hope he will like it too”, – shared his opinion with the correspondent of TASS reported the 56-year-old fan Sergey.

Another who came to the match viewer, Nizhegorodets Denis noted that the city missed a great football club.

“In the world Cup, I visited one match, quarter-finals Uruguay – France. The stadium made a good impression, it seemed that the place outside the gates is not the most comfortable, but the arena could see everything very well. Glad that the super Cup is held in Nizhny Novgorod, our city missed a big football and matches of these teams,” said Denis.

The score at halftime is not open.