Acting head of the security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov informed the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman about the threat to national security as a result of the actual unwillingness of the energy sector of Ukraine to full-scale introduction of a new model of the electricity market envisaged by the law of Ukraine “On electricity market”.

As have informed Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” a source in the government, a letter dated may 29, received on Wednesday.

The information available to the SBU, evidence of the unwillingness of the industry to launch the energy market from 1 July, therefore, timely start reform may lead to industry crisis, the violation of the stable and reliable operation of the power system, as well as causing significant damage to the interests of consumers and the state, the document says.

In the letter, in particular lists of unresolved issues, including the unresolved source of compensation of prices for electricity for the population, the unavailability of an electronic platform for the organization of auctions on the conclusion of bilateral agreements between the state power generation companies and market participants, lack of mechanism for establishing boundary prices in the market of bilateral contracts and balancing market, lack of information platforms.

Also there is a lack of arrangements for payment of arrears accumulated in the wholesale market of electric energy, lack of mechanism to guarantee solvency, in particular the coal industry and zhilkommunhozom, problems with the organization of work of the market Operator and Guaranteed buyer.

As reported, on July 1, 2019 in Ukraine scheduled the launch of the new wholesale market of electric energy (WEM). A single buyer and seller of e/e – GP “energy” is eliminated. It is assumed that energy producers will sell their electricity through bilateral contracts with major consumers and suppliers

That will be contracted through bilateral contracts, will be available on the market “day ahead” and vnutricletocnam the market. Their work shall provide the market Operator, which is currently a branch of “Energy”. In may, the national Commission allowed the structure to perform its function before the conversion in the AO (this is required by the law “On the electricity”).

The calculation for the unbalance will be carried out on the balancing market, which is obliged to provide the NEC “Ukrenergo”.

Electricity producers from alternative sources to buy Guaranteed buyer, who is also today a branch of “Energy” that needs to be converted to AO. Currently not determined the source of compensation of the difference between the “green” tariff, according to which purchased electricity and the market price of electricity. NKREKU decree No. 641 of 26 April approved the procedure for the purchase of electricity by “green” tariff and standard contract with manufacturers. However, the process of registration of contractual relations has not yet begun.

The Verkhovna Rada Committee on the fuel and energy complex, nuclear policy and nuclear safety at the meeting on Tuesday was not able to consider the bill on the postponement of the launch of the new market e/e for three months.

People’s deputies Alexander Dombrovsky (the head of profile Committee BP) and Lev Pidlisetsky 22 may 2019 registered the bill No. 10318 of the postponement of the launch of the new wholesale market electricity in the three months from 1 July of 1 October of the current year. The project proposes to amend the transitional provisions of the law “On the electricity” and to postpone the date of launch of new segments of the wholesale market of electric energy on 1 October.

MPs Alexey Ryabchin and Yuriy Chizhmar may 23, registered a bill to postpone the start of the energy market for 9 months.