In the new issue of “Let them talk” guests of the Studio discussed the difficult fate of the actor Victor Skurikhina.

Actor Victor Skurikhin known for his role in the TV series “Fizruk” and “Traffic light” and “Hour Volkova”. In 2015, the actor disappeared from sight and ceased to get in touch with your friends. It turned out that the actor’s wife died and Victor began to live on the street, according to “Russian conversation”.

Crew transfer conducted its own investigation. Journalists were able to meet Victor in the village volodarskoe. Skurikhin admitted that he has financial problems, but the man refused to admit that his wife died.

“Two weeks ago starred. You’d better give a lot of money,” asked Skurikhin to the operator of the crew.

The operators managed to take the fight Skurikhina with local women, who accused the former actor that he’s not working, walks through the village in dirty clothes and spoils the entrances, coping there need.

The Studio came the mother of the actor Galina. The woman admitted that the son did not go to her right after the death of his wife.