Officials of the presidential administration are discussing the possibility of replacing the retired adviser to the President for homeland security John Bolton his main opponent, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, according to CNN.

According to the scenario the chief diplomat of the country will take on the role of national security adviser and thus, will perform both works, said channel senior administration official and another source.

If such decision is made, that Pompeo will be the second person in U.S. history after Henry Kissinger, who for two years was national security Advisor to President Richard Nixon and Secretary of state.

As noted by the sources of the TV channel, it is unclear how seriously the President of the United States Donald trump is considering this possibility. According to one of interlocutors, Pompeo has given the President a list of other applicants for the position.

On Wednesday, when trump was asked about the candidates for the replacement of Bolton, he replied: “I Have five people who really want this(…). Five people who I think are highly qualified, good people”.

Meanwhile, as explained by the TV channel to a source close to the White house, while Pompeo remains the principal adviser to the President on foreign policy.

“He will act as adviser on national security, at least in the near future”, – said the source.

“Trump is happy with it,” he added.

Meanwhile, if trump did decide to keep the position of national security Advisor in an independent role, according to sources, the channel, the most likely contenders for the post are the US special envoy on Iran, Brian hook, and the US special envoy on North Korea Stephen began.

The evening of 10 September, trump announced the dismissal of Bolton. “I informed John Bolton last night that the White house no longer needs his services,” wrote trump on Twitter.

Trump said that he disagreed with many ideas which were put forward by Bolton. At the same time, the President thanked him for his work.

To perform the duties of adviser to the President on national security will be Charles Kupperman, reported us media, citing the White house.