Recall that the three girls are accused of the brutal murder of his father, Mikhail Khachaturian in Moscow in the summer of 2018.

According to Serenko, she had become a member of the program on June 27 at 17:25 Moscow time, however, the channel was immediately taken off the air the program without any argument. In her opinion, this is due to uploading the first testimony of the girls who was this “pressure effect”. Serenko recalls that one of the nurses who testified, minors, and therefore, to publish her words had no rights.

Daria recalled that the nephew of the late Michael Arsen continues to go on the air and “demonize sisters”, using “outdated data and under the pressure of the investigation first the testimony of the girls.” Also Serenko reminded that Arsene is interested in the deceased’s estate, whereas the sisters from the inheritance renounced.

“This means that there is pressure and intimidation, there is a war for public opinion,” writes Serenko.

She urged all activists who, like her, supports the girls, “to increase the pressure several times” and to use “every opportunity and every media slot to talk about the case of the sisters.”

Visitors to the page Serenko zealously support her in the quest to protect the sisters.

“You can live to do. Ordinary people do not understand the behavior of victims of violence and hence “will potamonautes”, “was acamonchi”, “semiliberty” Airdate can be used for education, then understanding, and therefore support the girls will be more”;

“I don’t know what media you can negotiate, if they’re not free”;

“It’s simple to ugliness: the authorities are afraid of women. Women in the country a lot (don’t touch the ladies, I mean young), and women sit quietly and trained to survive, to live with low self-esteem. If now at least a quarter of young women will raise their head, will come an end to all this lawlessness and ugliness”;

“Junior is under 18 she could not refuse the inheritance if they wanted to, that is, if the other refused, then she is the only heir. But in the case of a conviction the freak admits it unworthy of the heir and take all myself.”

Sisters Khachaturyan was arrested July 28, 2018 for the murder of his father, Michael. They did not deny his guilt, but said that for many years the father has subjected them to humiliation and physical abuse.