International airport “Odessa” in connection with the breakdown on the runway of the Turkish Airlines plane, EN route from Istanbul (Turkey) to Odessa (flight TK465) November 21, has suspended air traffic until 22:00 Friday.

In the message the airport passengers are advised to follow the online scoreboard.

As reported in the airport “Odessa” to the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”, the reason of emergency landing became the weather conditions. “The plane landed, but due to the strong gusts of wind left on the ground. This was the cause of failure of the landing gear,” – said the representative of the airport.

He explained that the delay towing was due to the fact that Turkish Airlines has examined the performance of this work by a specialized company with which it signed the global compact. Subsequently, however, the carrier agreed that this work was done together with the technique that he has and corresponds to the category of the airport.

“Without this technology it would be impossible to ekspluatirovat airport” – said the Agency interlocutor.