The us army is inferior to Russian and Chinese in terms of modernization.

This was stated on air of radio station “AM 970” General, U.S. army, retired Wesley Clark, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to him, in recent years, the Pentagon spends on weapons needed for the conflicts in the middle East. Army buys mainly helicopters, planes and some kinds of ammunition necessary to destroy the terrorists.

At the same time, Russia has developed a new generation of armored vehicles, which, according to the General, “a concern” in the Pentagon.

“Russia is the main battle tank T-14 with the active protection system and a desert tower, which is much better protection for the crew. There are things, which we do not have, and armor that is not available to us. This the tank that we would like to have by 2030,” – said the military .

The General also praised the Russian air defense and, in particular, the s-400. In regions where this technique is based, the U.S. will not be able to achieve air superiority.

Clarke stressed that to correct the situation will be able for more investment in defence.

Earlier it was reported that the network blew up the footage, “a police turn” of the T-80.

It is also noted that was shown footage of the Russian T-72 can withstand fire from American anti-tank.