Recently, residents of administrative units of the avalon, which has territorial belonging to the state of new Jersey, has seen the emergence of a horizontal rainbow. It should be noted that Internet users were able to enjoy lots of different snapshots. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Before witnessed a rare kind of the rainbow.

In the scientific world focused on the fact that the horizontal rainbow is a rare natural phenomenon. Moreover, some superstitious people took this incident for unpleasant omen. Recently, the US residents are good of the future do not expect, and therefore, judging by the comments the images cautiously perceive even rainbow, though unusual.

According to one of centenarians, it was not possible to observe this phenomenon. That is why he suggested that it could be the work of soldiers or representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. At the moment, researchers have a more thorough approach to the study of the anomaly, giving a plausible interpretation of this phenomenon.

Previously, Americans were able to witness entertaining quinary rainbow. Recall that gigantic power was dismembered in the heavenly space of the rainbow.