Photo: social networks, 43 per cent of Russians proud of the annexation of the Crimea

Only the victory in the great Patriotic war causes the people of Russia more pride.

The annexation of the Crimea 43 percent of Russians believe the main historical event that causes them a sense of pride. This is evidenced by a survey by the Levada center.

The issue of Crimea was first included in the poll and came in second place in the ranking of historical events of which we are proud Russian citizens, relegating “the leading role of the country in space exploration”.

The majority of Russians, the main historical event that causes them a sense of pride, since 1999, believes the victory in the great Patriotic war – 83 percent.

A third of Russians – 36% proud Russian literature, almost as many – 35 percent believe a cause for pride “the transformation of the country in Soviet times, one of the leading industrial powers in the world .”

Among other reasons to be proud of respondents chose “the glory of Russian arms” and “the moral qualities of the Russian people – simplicity, patience, resilience.”

At the same time, the economic situation of the Russian Federation makes 54 percent of Russians a sense of shame and grief. Every third worries about the collapse of the Soviet Union, and every fourth – because of the “coarseness of manners, rudeness, disrespect people have for each other.”

The chronic gap between the West upsetting the fifth part of inhabitants of Russia and only every tenth – “incompetent, self-serving power.”

Coming to power in Russia of Vladimir Putin ashamed three percent of the respondents.

Earlier, the Russian government has made a rating of regions on the quality of life for the year 2016. In this list the Crimea and Sevastopol, have occupied a higher position in comparison with 2015.

The level of subsidies and the Crimea is 85 percent.

Note that the people’s artist of USSR and state Duma Deputy Iosif Kobzon called Crimea “a burden” for Russia.