The National police said on Thursday, may 2 that the situation in Odessa “calm and controlled”, commemorative event pass without serious incidents. This day marks five years since the tragedy, when the March for unity of Ukraine after a series of provocations escalated into street clashes between Pro-Ukrainian and Pro-Russian activists. About it reports “NV”, reports “Russian conversation”.

The organizers of the March Ukrainian order saying that the activists are on Pushkin street, where it turned on Deribasovskaya.

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— Michael Shtekel (@mishajedi)
2 may 2019

Activists chanting:
“Vilna Odessa – Vilna power”, “Glory to Ukraine – glory to natsiï – gate of death”, “Ukraine onover truncated”, “Heroes 2 travnia – Thanks! Thanks! Glory!”, “The world in ODIs is our right!”, “Odessa – centre Ukraine”.

The main action took place in the first half of the day at the burning House of trade unions and Deribasovskaya street (where five years ago killed “evromaydanovtsy”) – by noon, they gathered about 200 people each. On the Kulikovo field came up including the Pro-Russian policy, on Deribasovskaya street, a memorial prayer service and rally was held by representatives of Patriotic organizations.

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— Michael Shtekel (@mishajedi) may 2, 2019.

The UN mission on human rights in Ukraine has published a critical report on the investigation of the tragedy. It notes that the Ukrainian law enforcers are unable to provide urgent, independent and impartial investigation.

Kulikovo field, where the House of trade unions, and the Cathedral square in the center of Odessa taken under the strengthened control of law enforcement. Both objects tested for the presence of explosives. Traffic on surrounding streets closed until 22:00.

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— Michael Shtekel (@mishajedi) may 2, 2019.

Kulikovo launched black balloons in memory of those killed in the trade unions Building. Before that came the Pro-Ukrainian activists with red beads. The conflict allowed the police dialogue.

Recall that in anniversary
the tragedy in Odessa House of trade unions on 2 may, the security provide more than two thousand police officers to policing in addition to police force from other regions of the country also attracted the military of the national guard and cadets of the Odessa state University of internal Affairs.

In addition, on the Kulikovo field in Odessa, where there was
the tragic events in the House of trade unions, the March will be held the Ukrainian nationalist organization “Nazarus”.

As previously reported, in Odessa near the House of trade unions
conflict erupted.